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Properties That Look Their Best

The cleaning services offered by Inland Pro Cleaners in Riverside, California, are not limited to just retail location and businesses. Our team is capable of working with real estate professionals and property management specialists with move out cleaning. Our apartment cleaners can transform a recently vacated rental property or home into a clean and comfortable destination for any new family.

Vacuum Cleaner

Moving Can Be a Hassle

When a resident is moving out of a home or apartment, it can be difficult to clean the floors and appliances as they are packing their belongings. The process of getting the residence presentable then falls to the property managers. We provide you with a solution through our apartment cleaning during move ins and move outs.

Presentation Is the Key to Occupancy

Just contact us at least a week in advance and we can send a crew out to work on any recently vacated apartment or rental property. We clean all appliances including stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves, and ensure the unit looks its best when you bring in a potential resident. This can boost your rental property income by maintaining constant occupancy. A clean apartment is a welcoming place to call home.